I am a self-taught oil painter and watercolor artist who strives to capture the spiritual and sensual essence of women of color in her work. My paintings tell a story of triumph and serenity and has graced the walls of various exhibits around Los Angeles.

My art explores the many facets of womanhood and femininity with romantic overtones and an air of resilience and serenity.

Art is been an integral part of my growth and development as a young woman. I began painting 5 years ago during a period of deep introspection and self-healing and it has since been a therapeutic form of expression in my life.


My dream is to help facilitate healing through art and expression in the same ways art has helped me.

I dream my painting, then I paint my dream.

I am Creative Director for Pick It Up LA, an artist collective cultivating creative spaces that diversify the arts. We host art shows, art classes and workshops, open mic nights and much more to come. Learn more at www.pickitupla.com.

I am co-creator and instructor of Wet Paint LA. We offer various styles or painting classes and workshops. Book me for your next private event.