TrapxArt Art Show: Kendrick Lamar Tribute

Photo by Spencer @mrwebslinger

Photo by Spencer @mrwebslinger

Sunday, May 21st at Avalon in Hollywood.

This is the third TrapxArt show I've shown at... the biggest one yet and my most successful yet. For many reasons, I considered dropping out of this show. Let's just say, you really never know what a person is going through... and my year, so far, has been full of darkness. Painting is one of the only things that gets me through. And I figured, with as holed up as I've been... painting through my misery, I might as well show off some of the beauty my darkness has produced.

I couldn't be more proud of myself for overcoming what felt like a major hurdle. The event was dope! Hosted at Avalon in Hollywood, beautiful venue, beautiful people. I got so much love, just enough to pull me out of my funk and bring me back to myself again. I sold some original art and prints (prints available in my shop). Overall, I had an amazing time, so much better than expected. I can honestly say this event brought out a new spirit in me, don't sleep on this art hustle ya'll. Watch me work. 

Photos by @dopevisionsf.

I appreciate everyone who came out to support me and everyone who bought art from me. Much love.

- Grateful.


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