Finding Comfort in Discomfort

I’m writing this post from my bathtub in the middle of the day... a long, busy, stressful day of preparing for an event I’m hosting this weekend. Since beginning the slow transition into entrepreneurship, I’ve noticed that planning or participating in art events gives me a high feeling of anxiety I’m really not used to. The late nights spent working on something, not because I want to but because I need to prepare for an event that I’m responsible for. The pressure.


Something about being the force behind people’s experience can feel like such a heavy weight to carry. I’ve been outside of my comfort zone more than I ever have before. It’s exhilarating and rewarding in almost every way... but I can’t lie, sometimes giving up crosses my mind.

Of course that is not an option. I believe in me too much. Getting used to this new level of hustle growing in me is fucking exhausting lol... and I’ve realized how important it is to learn to find comfort in the discomfort of pursuing your dreams. And I believe that looks different for everyone. Whatever your methods are... the point is to just find little ways to find pleasure in the process. For me, sometimes that’s taking a bath in the middle of the day while writing a blog post or designing an event flyer. Little ways to relax while working...

I am my biggest obstacle...

Everything that comes with planning an event is new territory for me... speaking in front of people, putting myself out there, being organized and efficient... being a PLANNER. I’ve never been the type to buckle down and get shit done. And now I have to be or my business will suffer. It’s been an interesting transition... Being very intentional in my process of pursuing life an artist and creator. I’m excited about how this all plays out.

I’m writing this mostly to admit that half the time, I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. But I’ve learned that as long as I’m doing… then I am taking steps forward. I used to let fear keep me from doing anything at all. Now I know… my journey is not about anyone but myself. I am my biggest obstacle.

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